Snack Summary-Adidas release the 2018 World Cup football and the NBA partners with Intel for VR

Snack Summary-Adidas release the 2018 World Cup football and the NBA partners with Intel for VR
Adidas Telstar 2018 world cup football - Snack Blog

The FIFA 2018 World Cup match ball has been released by sponsor Adidas. The ball which features an innovative design is easily the most tech-savvy to ever be used within the tournament. With an NFC microchip being embedded inside. The chip will allow consumers to interact directly with the ball using their smartphones. The aesthetics of the football has also gone for a retro feel with the reimagining of the original Telstar ball used at the tournament back in 1970.

Virtual reality has been slowly trying to make its way into mainstream sports and fixtures. Currently, even though VR allows users to get closer to the action many fans are put off by the clunky headsets you have to wear. This week Digital Sport announced that Intel has partnered with the NBA to use its True VR technology. This could be the first major breakthrough for VR into the sporting mainstream because what Intel is promising viewers is the ability to watch a live game in VR from camera angles which make you feel like you are right there watching in the arena from various points in the stadium, “sitting knee-to-knee with celebrities” at courtside or “up in the stands for a bird’s-eye view”.

How often do you post infographics online? As one of the top forms of medium to help communicate information to followers, the question should be why don’t companies use them more? Through a creative design of a long form or motion graphics, these tools allow you to present information, data and knowledge in a visual manner to gain audience engagement. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, with over 65% of people retaining information easier if it’s paired with a relevant image. Not only are they a creative learning tool they also have a viral nature due to their shareability making these the perfect medium to use for SEO development and link building.

Data is playing an essential part in many sports around the world. One which is taking full advantage of the stats and data they discover is Formula One. Drivers and their teams study data in order to improve the car and their performance. Through technology advances, computer programs now capture all data whilst the car is on the track in real-time. This allows for engineers to report to drivers major changes which need be made to tweak the car’s performance and speed. Showing how important this area has become to the sports, the principle of Italian Formula One team Scuderia Toro Rosso Franz Tost, stated “If you lose data, you lose your performance,” “We normally have 15 to 17 engineers watching every race from our operations room in Faenza, Italy. They supply feedback on things like tire wear and degradation and monitor what our opponents are doing as well.