Snack Media’s Ad Network

Snack Media’s Ad Network

Snack Media continue to carve out a niche in the sports advertising industry. As the organisation’s ad network grows, the company is steadily becoming a one-stop shop for official and unofficial fan channels.    

Publishers’ requirements, needs and wants are vast. No matter the size of the publisher, though, there is always a way Snack Media can assist, help and support.

Resource is always a subject under discussion for even the largest of publishers. Affordable skilled writers, hosting costs, growing tech overheads and access to imagery are among the huge number of headaches publishers face daily. Snack Media offer solutions to all those issues and more, whilst allowing editors and publishers to maintain their independence.  

The company offers a large suite of products, tools and services. These are not only aimed at releasing the pressure of resource but also to help create a ‘stickier’, returnable and more engaged audience for sites in it’s network. With fan engagement tools likes league tables, quizzes, tickers, social distributors and various traffic-driving services available at no added cost, it is clear Snack Media are dedicated to assisting those in its network to grow and develop.

Additional resource is much-welcomed by members of the network but ultimately revenues generated each month are what increases the number of people the company works with and maintains the strong relationships it has with it’s current roster of partners. Snack Media work with dozens of advertising vendors to ensure they make more money than publishers and editors would independently. Through their 26 million uniques each month, they are able to negotiate and secure larger deals for their publishers. The commercial team are out in market representing the network on a daily basis, sourcing and securing the very best campaigns and deals.

One of the largest positives of joining the network is Snack Media’s flexibility when it comes to payment plans and the fact that each site is treated individually rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Snack Media work with sites of all sizes that face their own unique challenges, so it’s important to cater for most – if not all – of the eventualities publishers face.

With Snack Media owning 20% of its network it is clear they understand what does and doesn’t work for its partners. Snack Media essentially work to protect publishers from negative industry trends, whilst offering a community with all the tools to survive in what is a largely saturated and competitive market.