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Snack Social Summary-Premier League allows clubs to sell the rights to the left sleeve for the 2017-18 season and header biddings

Jodie Cormack - 4th August 2017 - 0 comments

As was reported earlier this year the Premier League announced that they are allowing clubs to sell the rights to their left shirt sleeve for the 17/18 season. A range of clubs have taken up this new commercial opportunity such as Chelsea, Manchester City and Southampton. Manchester United look to be following suit, with a potential partnership with Tinder. The sponsorship deal looks to be worth £12 million per season and will provide global awareness and future opportunities for both.

How much do you understand about Header Bidding? The new ad technology is providing publishers with greater revenue opportunities due to its auction process taking place in a more efficient and natural manner. With header bidding, the publisher takes the highest bid from vendors. This then determines the winning ad. This is unlike waterfall ads which place vendors on a ladder with different levels of priority. At Snack Media, we have taken a unique approach when providing our ad network with the technology. Publishers who have implemented header bidding onto their website have seen revenue rise from 25% to 150%. If you are looking to learn about the technology or to join our network take a more in-depth look below.

Over the past few months, a range of social platforms have provided users with the ability to attach multiple images to a post at once. LinkedIn is the most recent, allowing companies and individuals to share more than one viewpoint from an experience at a time. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all allow you to share multiple images. LinkedIn has recognised the positives of this feature as it allows businesses to capture their company culture without being restricted.

The Scottish Professional Football League has become the first league to join Dugout. Since their launch in November, the platform has become the ultimate destination for football fans. It is helping organisations and leagues gain a significant global reach and allows clubs to have the freedom to become creators, delivering behind-the-scenes content that offers personalised fan experiences which deliver the passion, skills, lifestyle and personality of the players and teams involved.

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