Snack Social Summary-The most important Snapchat update in its short history and Facebook’s find WiFi feature

Snack Social Summary-The most important Snapchat update in its short history and Facebook’s find WiFi feature


Snapchat has undergone major updates during its time, but the three newest updates just might change how it is used going forward. The first two changes were creative choices, one involving new and customizable backgrounds. The second is a voice changer (which users will eventually be able to edit after they make their snap). The third and most important update now allows users to embed links into their snaps. This could be a huge boost for influencers to endorse more products for brands.



Facebook has announced that their Find Wifi feature will be going global and will soon be available for all mobile users. The only catch for some people is that you need to allow Facebook access to your location. That being said, if you are connecting to public wifi, privacy isn’t a top priority. Find Wifi will be great for Facebook and businesses because the more people use the feature, the more users are on the app. It’s great for users too, because…free wifi! 



YouTube has announced that it is expanding YouTube TV to more than 10 U.S. markets in the near future. YouTube TV has had over 1.5 billion logged-in viewers this past month and, on average, they watch an hour’s worth of videos on mobile devices per day. Along with the expansion, YouTube wants to make VR more accessible for its viewers and is implementing VR180 as the main driving force.



Facebook is now in talks with Hollywood executives about original scripted shows. With just over $3m as a budget per episode, the social media company will focus on non-contentious dramas, reality tv and game shows as the main subject matter. With Facebook now starting to move more in the territory of Hulu, Netflix and (more recently) YouTube TV, one can only wonder what product developments will occur in the near future.


Tonsser is a new social media app that allows youth soccer players to create profiles for themselves in the hopes of being signed by a bigger club. Nike has recently signed on as the first brand channel partner for the app and has raised the number of profiles to over 100,000 in the past year. The contract with Nike now allows Tonsser to generate revenue for the free-to-use app. The social media company is also in talks with top international clubs in England and Germany about partnering with the app.

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