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Snack Social Summary-The growth of social media in football, Instagram’s eraser tool, and Snapchat’s world lenses

Jodie Cormack - 19th May 2017 - 0 comments

This week Snack Media wrote an article on the new phenomenon which is social media football teams. With the help of social media, amateur football teams have been able to build a digital reach many British professional league teams only dream of. In the article, we question why these ‘online teams’ can engage with fans much more successfully than their league counterparts and what new developments are helping clubs reach out and interact with fans. With more amateur sides providing social, bitesize & owned creative content, plus cutting and sharing their own match highlights, we ask the question ‘is this going to be the new norm for grassroots football?’

This week Instagram added augmented reality selfie filters and stickers. With the release of the nine new filters, with many more expected to come, Instagram has taken another swipe at their competitors. In addition to this, they also introduced an eraser tool which allows users to remove part of their image. The design specific filters are helping Instagram stay competitive as these were previously one of the features which were giving Snapchat the edge. But what’s your view? Has Instagram once again just copied their competitors and should they be looking for new innovations instead?

Snapchat has released sponsored world lenses which allows companies to turn 3D graphics into augmented reality ads. This week Warner Bros. turned a floating 3D graphic into an ad. Snapchat have been working hard, allowing sponsored ad lenses to be targeted by age, gender and content. Targeted options are providing companies with a way to promote to a specific audience. World lens overlays work on both photos and videos taken with the app’s outward-facing camera.

Instagram is testing new location stories. The social network platform aims to show users what is going on around them. Instagram has long had location pages which show posts which have been tagged in the vicinity.  They are now improving this function by compiling publicly shared Instagram stories which have been tagged with a location sticker. Users can then watch the Instagram page of the business, place or landmark and watch stories posted by strangers which they may not have previously followed.

With the Premier League season coming to a finish this weekend we compiled a list of the best social media and commercial stories over the past year. This season has seen new developments and advances in the way Premier League clubs are engaging with their fans. There has been a range of new sponsorship deals, with sleeve sponsors becoming a new development for many clubs. Social media technology is helping clubs interact with fans on a more personal level. Look at a few of the best social media & commercial stories to come out of the Premier League and see whether these will have an impact on the 17/18 season.

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