Snack Social Summary-The Tinder of professional networking, Instagram’s feature for businesses, and WhatsApp video calling has finally arrived

Snack Social Summary-The Tinder of professional networking, Instagram’s feature for businesses, and WhatsApp video calling has finally arrived

Shapr—the Tinder of business networking

If you’ve ever wished you could network through an app, Shapr is for you. The new platform is being compared to Tinder in a professional setting, using the same algorithm as the dating app; Shapr suggests profiles based on your information, and you get to decide if you want to connect. Users can sign up for the social media platform via email or by connecting their LinkedIn account. Digital growth over the past few years has made it incredibly easy to find business professionals online, regardless of where they reside, and this revolutionary app aims to streamline the process. Shapr has the power to change the face of networking as we know it.


Instagram’s latest update isn’t for the average user 

Over the past year, Instagram users have become accustomed to scrolling through ads, and the social media platform’s latest update showcases its desire to keep brands coming back for more. In a statement, Instagram emphasized its desire to give businesses the ability express their creativity. As portrait-style posts are already a common way to engage with content, the Facebook-owned company thought it only made sense to extend the feature to ads. This update allows brands to be flexible in their advertising and see what format works best for them.


You asked for it, and Facebook delivered

In what Facebook’s global head of Pages, Benji Shomair, described as the most frequent request, the social media platform is releasing a new feature designed to make replying to messages a whole lot easier. The new unified inbox will put Instagram, Messenger and Facebook messages all in one place. Located in the Pages Manager app, it will include messages and comments across the platforms. Gone are the days of having to open multiple apps—the unified inbox aims to improve the way you connect with audiences.


Video calling is finally coming to WhatsApp’s 1 billion users  

In a move that users have been requesting for years, WhatsApp is about to roll out a new video calling feature. The update is better late than never, and it might even give the platform an edge over similar chatting apps. WhatsApp already has the audience base, with over 1 billion users, and the new update will be available on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone—Apple’s FaceTime is only available on iOS devices. The video calls will also be fully encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, an appealing detail that will be a deciding factor for many users. Will WhatsApp become the video calling app of choice? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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