Snack Social Summary-WhatsApp testing Snapchat like platform, Facebook fights with LinkedIn, and the end of Vine?

Snack Social Summary-WhatsApp testing Snapchat like platform, Facebook fights with LinkedIn, and the end of Vine?

WhatsApp testing Status, a feature suspiciously similar to Snapchat Stories

In a rather unsurprising move, WhatsApp has become the latest social media platform to create a feature mimicking Snapchat Stories. The feature, called Status, will allow users to share customizable photos and videos for 24 hours, much like Stories. With Facebook and Instagram creating Stories-esque features, it was only a matter of time before the Facebook-owned WhatsApp joined in. Since it took years for rivals to compete with Snapchat, it’ll be interesting to see how users respond to the various replicas. Will they make the switch, or will they shun competitors and stick to what they know best?


Is LinkedIn Facebook’s latest victim?

With LinkedIn in its sights, Facebook has created a new feature for business Pages. The update adds a “Jobs” section to company Pages, where businesses can list job openings and receive applications. Facebook has more users and greater reach than LinkedIn, so it’s a question of whether or not Jobs can lure people away from the site, which has been a staple in job hunting for years. But it’s not only LinkedIn that has cause for concern—smaller platforms such as Work4, Workable and Jobscore would all suffer if Facebook Jobs were to dominate the field.


Snapchat’s latest update tells competitors to bring it on

With so many Snapchat copycats popping up, it’d be easy for the social media platform to feel discouraged. But those at Snap Inc. are ready to tackle the challenge head on. The app rolled out a new update, proving to competitors that it’s still one step ahead and committed to giving its audience an innovative, engaging experience. Augmented reality Selfie Lenses have taken off since their release in September 2015, and their popularity continues to grow. Now Snapchat has launched World Lenses, a way for users to alter the world around them, from making it snow to creating a sparkling, rose-coloured sky complete with smiling clouds. The new feature has been building the hype for Spectacles, Snapchat’s yet to be released AR glasses.


The end of Vine—or is it?

Just last month, Twitter unexpectedly announced the shutdown of Vine. But after immediate interest from other companies, Vine may find a home elsewhere. This week, Twitter announced it had shortened the list of potential bidders from ten down to five. The social media platform failed to monetise the short-form video app’s content, which ultimately lead to its demise. But other companies view this as an exciting opportunity and believe they can do better.

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