Snack Social Summary-Facebook launches messenger platform, 3D stickers on Snapchat, and Kobe Bryant’s retirement

Snack Social Summary-Facebook launches messenger platform, 3D stickers on Snapchat, and Kobe Bryant’s retirement

Facebook launches Messenger Platform

The social week was marked by the F8, the annual Facebook developers conference, where the social giant unveiled a collection of features starting with Messenger Platform.

On Messenger, 900M people talk, share, shop, plan every day and 50M of them chat with companies. The new service is dedicated to businesses allowing them to build chatbots in order to interact with customers, providing automated support.

Facebook has already teamed up with a couple of developers to launch Messenger Platform including 1-800-Flowers. For example, after adding 1-800-Flowers as a contact, users are able to order flowers just by interacting with a bot run by the company.

Instant Articles for all

Previously reserved for just a select few publishers, any blogger or website can now use Facebook’s Instant Articles, which allows editors to host content on the social network’s app, avoiding users being directed to another platform.

During the F8, Facebook unveiled some figures on Instant Articles which suggests it provides a better experience than the original websites. Indeed, Facebook users click 20% more on Instants Articles than others web articles, are over 70% less likely to abandon the article and share 30% more content from the Instant Articles version than mobile web version.

Instant articles

 3D stickers on Snapchat

To augment reality on its platform, Snapchat has launched a new feature, currently only available on Android but soon on iOS, wich allows users to attach emojis to moving objects in a video, including faces.

As a social creative app, these 3D and moving stickers should once again improve the user experience on Snapchat. To use it, users have to place a static sticker over the object after recording a video. Then, users can long press on the sticker to attach it to the object, and it will follow that object.

via TechCrunch

Kobe Bryant’s last game swept social media

If you didn’t see the hashtags #ThankYouKobe, #MambaDay, #KobeDay… on your social platforms this week, you simply can’t have opened your smartphone. Basketball superstar Kobe Byrant played his final game on Wednesday night, a real event which received awesome engagement on social media.

The figures are crazy: 4,2 million tweets during the fixture, over 16 million views for NBA’s videos on Facebook during the day… Even Lakers’ Twitter account disappeared during the game. “Sorry about that, everybody. Kobe got too hot for the Twitter servers,” said Lakers’ CM.   

The celebration was also marked by Nike’s campaign, who rolled out the hashtag emoji #MambaDay, featuring a Bryant shoe and the famous brand’s swoosh, as well as a brand filter on Snapchat.

Check out the greatest social content shared during Kobe Bryant’s day below:

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