Snack Social Summary-Facebook pushing for NFL streaming rights and International Women’s Day on Twitter

Snack Social Summary-Facebook pushing for NFL streaming rights and International Women’s Day on Twitter

Facebook gunning for NFL streaming rights
Facebook are reportedly intending to challenge Amazon and Verizon for digital broadcast rights to stream Thursday night NFL games during the 2016/17 season.

Video has been a key drive for the platform for some time now, but this would take things to the next level: live video of such a premium event is a gap in Facebook’s offering and it looks to be firmly part of Zuckerberg’s plans.

With Facebook Stadium recently launched, a first ever major live tv content deal would complement it very nicely.



Zuckerberg wants a piece of the face-swapping pie
In another move to compete with rival platforms, the social giant has also bought face-swapping app Masquerade. With the explosion in popularity of Snapchat’s face-morphing filters, this looks to be Facebook’s way of getting in on the youngsters’ party.

It’s a party that Facebook have been relegated to the fringes of for a while now: Facebook’s user base has been growing steadily older, and moving to offer something that Snapchat’s young audience have really taken to seems a sensible strategy if it’s to avoid getting left behind.

And everyone loves a bit of face-swapping anyway!


Ben & Jerry’s choose Snapchat to announce new flavours
Despite Facebook’s best efforts to ape some of its functionality, it’s Snapchat that brands continue to flock to when they’re out to launch a new product.

Ben & Jerry’s this week became the latest to debut their new wares on the platform, showcasing three new flavours of its ice cream in 3 scheduled launches on its recently-created profile.

Jay Curley, Ben & Jerry’s senior global marketing manager, explained the decision to make the announcement on Snapchat: “We know enough of our fans are spending time there and the platform is developed enough where we have a good understanding of how best to tell our story and have some fun with our fans.”


Twitter unites to support International Women’s Day


Global women’s rights organisation Equality Now really pulled it out of the bag on International Women’s Day, creating a stunning campaign in partnership with dating app Happn.

The organisation pushed fake profiles of bruised women to users around the world, her face gradually healing as you paid her more attention by scrolling through her photos. The typical ‘I love socialising with my friends and watching Netflix’ bio normally seen on people’s profiles was also replaced with ‘Half of female homicide victims are killed by their partner or family member.’

Now renowned as an outspoken supporter of UN Women, Emma Watson shared the news that Twitter had developed a new emoji for #HeForShe – a UN initiative to enlist men in the fight for global gender equality.

J.K. Rowling also took to Twitter to show her support for Emma in standing up for women’s rights.


Share that Spotify song you’re hooked on directly in Messenger
The rise of messaging apps is a hot topic in social media at the moment, and it shows no sign of slowing. Judging by the announcement that music streaming service Spotify will soon be integrated with Facebook Messenger, it won’t be long before messaging apps are are-go to tool for a lot more than just messaging.