Snack Social Summary-Facebook reactions, creating your own geofilters, and Ronaldo’s milestone on social media

Snack Social Summary-Facebook reactions, creating your own geofilters, and Ronaldo’s milestone on social media

Facebook Reactions are finally activated

Facebook has officially launched ‘Reactions’ for all users. Announced some months ago, this new feature allows users to “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry” friends’ Facebook posts, in addition to the famous “Like”.

As one of the biggest changes on the platforms in the last few years, this introduction should definitely change the way we interact with posts on the platform, giving more options to share what we think.

Like the sporting world, social media users reacted to this new feature. Is this the start of a big problem for Community Managers analysing engagement on Facebook?

Create your own geofilter on Snapchat

All Snapchat users can now create their own geofilter. Named “On-Demand Geofilter”, the new feature allow us to create a filter for any occasion (birthday, fixtures, concerts…).

Following some paid filters, Snapchat wants to monetize more content on its platform. Beginning at $5, geofilter’s cost can increase depending on the duration (from an hour to 30 days), the size of the geofence, and the area where the filter is available for users.

Cristinano Ronaldo hits 200 million followers

According to Hookit, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first athlete in the world to hit 200 million followers across his social media channels including Twitter (40.7M), Instagram (49.6M) and Facebook (109.7M). The Real Madrid superstar joins the 200 million club joining pop stars Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Natural and fun on social media, Ronaldo is definitely the top sports personality on social media. Lionel Messi and LeBron James follow him with respectively 122 and 69 million followers.

Ronaldo’s supremacy in the digital sporting world should continue. His social numbers would entice any brand with an incredible growth of 135,000 new followers per day.

Twitter adds new CRM tools

In order to make the relationship with consumers more efficient, Twitter has unveiled two new tools.

First, companies are now able to use private chat with any user sending a dedicated link. Very useful when the customer wants to share some information such as a booking or product reference, or more personal details such as address or phone number.

Twitter CRM 1

Second, users are now able to give their feedback to the company also using private chat. Users can evaluate a brand’s performance giving it a mark out of 10 for two areas: NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction).

Twitter CRM 2

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