Virtual Reality, where are we?

Virtual Reality, where are we?

Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR, a teleporter by Facebook by 2025… Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t on it way, it’s already here. And here’s a look at how brands and experts are moving forward in this scary new world.

VR – a new way to improve fan experience

In the last couple of months, some brands sniffing a new opportunity to highlight their technological innovation have invested in VR in order to promote the unique experience.

In a collaboration with Samsung, Marriott Hotels launched a campaign aiming to transport its customers in London and New York to exotic locations around the world by the way of virtual reality.

As brands look to jump on the new fad, sponsors of sporting events have been quick to delve into the world of VR. In this activation, Red Bull allowed participants to be a virtual pilot for the Red Bull Air Race and enjoy various sensations associated with the race.

According to the following, VR will invade the lounge. Netflix is working with Oculus and Samsung to allow customers to watch movies and television shows in VR. Vimeo, Hulu, Twich are following suit… a revolution is coming!

VR, a new way to broadcast 

In the US, sports broadcasting is already utilising the platform. NBA became the first league in history to broadcast a live professional sports game in VR as part of the season-opening match of the 2015 NBA Champions, Golden State Warriors. NFL and the WWE are also jumping on the wagon, launching content in VR.

However, it’s not the first time for the Golden State Warriors, the NBA franchise has already used VR previously via YouTube.

VR, a new way to create social content

Google and YouTube have really put momentum into the swing toward VR by creating content VR-specific content as well as adjusting their platforms to support VR (ie Google Cardboard).

And it seems to be taking off with Google working with entities like the Hunger Games in launching the latest installment of the movie series.

Google and YouTube aren’t alone with Facebook wanting to establish themselves as a VR giant. After buying Oculus VR in 2014 for $2 billion, the social media giant will release its own VR headset next year, the Oculus Rift. But, It doesn’t seem like they’re stopping there, however, after they announced that they’re planning to develop a VR “teleporter”

VR, a new way to play

Undoubtedly the next big thing in gaming, Sony will launch its own VR headset in the first half of 2016, PlaySation VR. Strap yourself in, it’s only going to get bigger from here.

We hope you enjoyed our look at Virtual Reality. One thing is sure, Snack Media like it!