Snack Social Summary-Snapchat’s story explorer plus digital love story between Google and Star Wars

Snack Social Summary-Snapchat’s story explorer plus digital love story between Google and Star Wars

This week, Snapchat launched a new feature to improve its Story experience: Story Explorer

Thanks to Story Explorer, Snapchat users will be able to watch a couple of snaps from other users about the same topic (sports game, a city etc).

With different points of view, Story Explorer can become a great way to follow news and events in real-time.

Continuing an already stellar year for Snapchat, the platform continues to tinker in order to make it more suitable for users.

Facebook have looked to change the game with their new feature named “Work Chat” in which they’re looking to challenge the likes of Hangout and Skype at work.

Similar to their Messenger which they launched last year as an individual app, Work Chat will feature group chat, photos & videos, voice calling, notification management and even GIFs or stickers.

While it is currently only available on Android and in some companies currently, don’t be too surprised if its presence rockets into your workplace sometime soon.

work chat

After Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Beats by Dre all campaigned for their own emoji, a couple of other brands began to  campaign for one of their own, seeking to ride the wave of digital ’emotion’.

We saw Durex with the #CondomEmoji and now it’s Kit Kat with the #thebreakemoji. The brand is petitioning on to get its own emoji, a chocolate bar.

To promote its emoji, Kit Kat launched a video to illustrate with other emojis, how people love to eat its chocolate bar.

A real digital love story between Google and Star Wars?

Star Wars is coming on 19 December and Google couldn’t help but demonstrate their excitement. During the week, eyes all over the world were treated to Star Wars-Google features in order to promote the already well-anticipated movie.

First, Google gives the opportunity the choose your side between light and dark in order to customise your Google tools.

On 2 December, Google will then launch a Star Wars VR experience on YouTube via its Cardboard Virtual Reality headset.

And who can forget, the customised search engine which dazzled users during the week with its famous Star Wars opening credits.

Finally, Apple’s Beats by Dre became the first consumer product brand to sponsor a Snapchat Lens.

In the special Snapchat lens, available during 24 hours on Black Friday, users are able to put on a red headphone and listen to the new Drake song “Big Rings”.