#HappyWengerDay sweeps Social Media

#HappyWengerDay sweeps Social Media

Social media was overcome with celebration on Thursday, as sporting fans took to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to celebrate Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s birthday.

FootballFanCast.com led the festivities, as fans of the beautiful game sent their wishes to the man that took this North London giant to the peak of European football.

With over 2000 contributors, #HappyWengerDay achieved a staggering 23.7M in impressions, with 2.4M reach. What is even more remarkable is that this was achieved with an average of only 634 tweets across the day!

Here we take a look at the best posts surrounding this wondrous occasion, as social media celebrated ‘Le Professeur’ …

Oh, didn’t see you there

One of the top contributors of the day, with over 3 million impressions, FootballFanCast kicked off the event with a dedicated day of content devoted to Wenger. This wonderful photoshop gem combined with the hilarious picture achieved good exposure…

Better than all the rest

As the great Tina Turner once sang, he’s simply the best! Wenger has an impressive record that far outweighs his rivals. #HappyWengerDay was especially pleasing for Gunners’ fans, ArsenalMania made over 1 million impressions across the day!

Speaking words of wisdom..

FootballFanCast released some of their favourite quotes spoken by this legend. You won’t find genius advice like this anywhere else. This received over 26,000 impressions alone!

Where’s my pocket

The day also saw many a Wenger-centred vine, celebrating his many battles with the fiend that is the Arsenal team coat.

I’m King of the World!

It wasn’t just Arsenal fans that got involved in the celebrations. This Manchester United supporter saw this as a chance to mischievously take the mick of the boss…

Come on now lads…

West Ham fans jumped on the micky-taking bandwagon. They hid their birthday wishes amongst an array of heartbreaking moments for the birthday boy…

Giggle, giggle, giggle

And finally, it seemed Wenger was happy with the reaction received on social media, as is shown with this wonderfully tame giggle of his…