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Will Layout Make Brands More Engaging on Instagram?

Mary Varney - 2nd April 2015 - 0 comments

Instagram is becoming one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world having reached over 300million monthly users* and now they are hoping to grow their audience further with Layout. Expected to become much more successful than Hyperlapse – Instagram’s video counterpart which was released last year – Layout app from the company has one mission, to make the transition from beautifully, filtered collage to a brand’s Instagram audience as seamless as possible.

Since Instagram launched their sponsored posts feature, more and more brands have been taking to the platform to advertise their brand in the world of filters. Layout app takes all the hard work away from you by simply offering a number of different templates and helping arrange your collage in the best way possible – all you need to do is provide the images.

Brands can tell their followers a story in one photo

Models + puppies = way too much cuteness!! #NationalPuppyDay

A photo posted by Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) on

A chance to be more creative

Everyone’s a photographer on Instagram, it can make the worst photo look professional, but this is about taking that one shot to the next level.

The channel has never been about the copy, unlike Twitter, it is all about what catches the eye – and layout only helps with that “wow factor”.

Is this the most revolutionary app that Instagram could have created?

No, people have been using collage apps for months. Their audience were asking for this app and Instagram delivered. So although it hasn’t revolutionised the channel it will certainly make a difference to how brands put out their content.

Not every post from a brand from now on will be a collage, there aren’t that many stories to tell, but when the opportunity arises why tell a story in four posts when you have the opportunity to produce the perfect narrative in one.

*results from December 2014

By Mary Varney

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Mary Varney

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