Brands React to April Fools Day

Brands React to April Fools Day

April Fools is a prime-time for marketers to take to social media and post their best hoaxes to their following. Here are some of the best from Twitter this year:

Sport and fitness apparel company, Reebok, that is known throughout the world. On April 1st, the company announced a new spoof fragrance called “Swet”.

Hulu is an online video service that allows viewers to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on line. The popular streaming site decided to prank the world with a Hulu Pets edition which would be Hulu for strictly pets.

Oreo cookies decided to join the fun on April 1st. Instead of the much loved doubled stuffed Oreo, the company announced a double crunch Oreo.


Hooters, known for its beer, wings, and women decided to participate on April Fool’s Day.  This prank was the release of a male equivalent called Roosters and caused much excitement among the female community.

Blue Moon is a renowned beer that is enjoyed by many with an orange slice. The Blue Moon Brewing Company decided to spoof the world with a beer infused with oranges. It sounds delicious but unfortunately not true.

Samsung released a new phone on April 1st called the Blade Edge. This phone is so thin that it may act as a knife if you ever find yourself lacking a knife.

Popular taxi service, Uber decided to release a new feature for their app in Thailand on April fool’s Day. Uber released Uberboat which allows customers to travel in style by boat to their destinations.

Google joined the fun as well on April 1st by augmenting their home screen.  Everything at first glance was in reverse including the words and search browser. This would have caused much frustration amongst users but the joke did not go further than the home screen.


Unfortunately not all of the April Fools Jokes were a success: