Sports & Social Media – Vine and The NBA

Sports & Social Media – Vine and The NBA

Vine is becoming the future of watching basketball. This commonly used phone app which is owned by Twitter only permits videos to last a mere 6 seconds. However within those 6 seconds, the stories and scenes that are captured represent more than meets the eye. In the NBA however, the most popular vines are not those of skillful plays but of off the camera antics from fans, coaches and even benched players.

Here are three of the most popular vines, that show ‘behind-the-scenes’ at the NBA:

1. New LA Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer claimed his 6 seconds of fame during a game in which fans and vine users alike caught the new owner dancing to Fergie. The next morning resulted in over 30,000 tweets and the vine had gone viral. Although the Clippers were enjoying a good game, the coaches dancing seemed to steal the limelight.

2. The disheartened Dion Waiters. During the vine, he seemed to be begging superstar LeBron James to pass the ball. Not surprisingly, James elected to ignore the pleas which only left Dion Waiters needing consolation. As funny as this vine might seem, it underlies some key problems the team faced which ultimately led to Waiters being traded 2 weeks later.

3. The vine which eluded to Kobe Bryant’s humble nature involved Bryant and a fan bantering to one another. The key moment of this banter seemed to occur when Kobe raised his hand to indicate the 5 championship rings that he currently owns. Vine is soon becoming a more popular outlet for NBA fans to watch highlights and key moments even if the moments do not pertain to the game itself.

The NBA and Vine seem to have a symbiotic relationship. The NBA has more fans using vine than any other major sports league. If you are interested in news, basketball and humorous sport moments, download the app and witness a different view of a popular sport.

by Noah Carson, Intern at Snack Media