Media Apprentice #5

Media Apprentice #5

Snapchat and the Superbowl

Snapchat is fast becoming a new platform for brands to to be active on around the world, particularly in America, many companies have signed up to the app. This is helped by the recent “Discover” page added by Snapchat, where companies can show an insight to their business or activate campaigns for up to 24 hours.


According to an analysis by Marketing Land, of the 56 advertisers at or around the Super Bowl only one asked viewers to visit them on Snapchat. This advertiser was Universal Pictures who signposted the account of their new film, Pitch Perfect 2. Although only one brand , the reasoning may be that it is the only advert that fits perfectly onto Snapchat. Snapchat is all about showcasing photos and videos for a small period of time, so what better way for a film to show small scenes of the film for a certain amount of time, and then for it to disappear?

Alternatively, other companies may have missed an opportunity to get ahead of the game. With Universal Pictures allowing visitors to view exclusive content before anyone else, it allows them to understand more quickly what users want to see, giving them an advantage. Snapchat is fast becoming what people are calling “a publishing powerhouse” and so brands who want to be a part of the movement may want to start taking it seriously and getting people involved.

Regardless of the immediacy of the content released, Snapchat’s future endeavors will ultimately be influenced by what content is put out by the brands on the app. Universal Pictures have jumped the gun and already asked viewers to visit them, which is a brave move considering Snapchat is a new and different area for marketers to explore. Snapchat is offering the chance for brands to be creative and unique, and so they should jump at the chance to do this whilst appealing to millions of users on a platform that is growing rapidly worldwide.