Snack Media Social Summary-Snapchat Update removes best friends plus the UK social election

Snack Media Social Summary-Snapchat Update removes best friends plus the UK social election

Snapchat Update Removes ‘Best Friends’ – Users Aren’t Impressed

Snapchat has updated with new features such as Discover, a feature set to change Snapchat forever. However, users of the popular instant-photo app were more unimpressed with the disappearance of the ‘Best Friends’.

Facebook, Instagram and Tinder went temporarily offline

Facebook went down, and all hell broke loose with reports of people calling emergency services to try and rectify the problem. Reports were originally saying the three platforms had been hacked, with Lizard Squad taking credit. The company has now reported that the downtime was due to a technical fault and no third-party was involved.

In case of any future problems, the Independent put together a guide to cope:

Women Smear Lipstick for Social Media Campaign

You may have seen a number of photos on Instagram of women smearing lipstick over their faces, and the reason is to raise awareness for cervical cancer and smear tests. There have been some comments that perhaps it risks trivialising a very serious topic.

Facebook tries to out do Twitter at Superbowl with Real-Time Hub

On Wednesday, Facebook launches a real-time hub that collates content from Sunday’s final between Patriots and Seahawks. This is a huge effort from Facebook to be the platform that people head to for their second screen experience.

UK’s Social Election

This year’s general election will be the first of it’s kind, in terms of the volume of support and opposition monitored on social listening. We are social have already put together a report to tell what we are talking about already, with UKIP at the top.

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