The Media Apprentice #2

The Media Apprentice #2

The Media Apprentice #2

Week 2

Seeing as this was my second week, I felt more comfortable in the office environment than I did on my very first day. Therefore, I was keen to take on a greater workload across a wider variety of tasks. The second week seemed to be a particularly busy one for everyone at the company, with everyone focussed and working hard on their respective tasks – a large part of the week was dedicated to working with Europcar on their various new activities.


My tasks

One of my new tasks involved scheduling and sourcing content for the Football Rumours app; using websites such as to find football transfer gossip that I could later post on the app. I enjoyed this, as it meant I learnt how to use a programme called WordPress; I’m always key to learn new things and to have new experiences within my job role.

I also created my first piece of written content for the Football FanCast website, producing copy around the possibility of Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp possibly managing Arsenal.

Jurgen Klopp

Highlight of the week

Being a Manchester United fan makes my choice for ‘highlight of the week’ an easy one; content capturing pre and post-match outside the Emirates for Arsenal’s clash with Manchester United.

I learnt a lot through content capturing outside the Emirates stadium, from learning how to engage with the public to understanding which techniques produce the greatest content; it was a really valuable experience  – it was made all that more enjoyable as Manchester United won.


Social Stat of the week

By the end of this year, 93.3 million US adults will use mobile banking at least monthly @eMarketer