Snack Social Summary-Ronaldo is the most followed footballer in the world and #BendGate

Snack Social Summary-Ronaldo is the most followed footballer in the world and #BendGate

Snack Social Summary

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Here is what else is happening in the world of social media:


1. Ronaldo is the most followed footballer in the world

The Real Madrid star has reached 30million followers on Twitter, and trumped second-placed Brazillian footballer Kaka by nearly 10 million followers  


2. Selfies and the Ryder Cup

Organisers of the Ryder Cup are encouraging people to take selfies during the tournament. People taking selfies caused some controversy during the Tour De France.  


3. Twitter working on native polling tool

This new tool will increase engagement rates on Twitter. However, at the moment the tweet in short form looks like this:

It is only on expansion that you get the full poll

: Tweet122


4. Brands respond to #BendGate

We saw some creative real-time content from Samsung and other competitors as the iPhone6 Bend Test YouTube video reached over 30million views.


5. Top 3 tweets from Social Media Week (so far)

Social Media week has taken London by storm (as well as New York, Mumbai, Sydney, LA and many more). There have been a number of masterclasses, debates and workshops for those who are experienced on social media, and also those who are just starting out. Here are three highlights from the week on Twitter:  


Socialbakers were providing real-time social listening stats throughout the week in some eye-catching infographics. They were looking at the various country specific hashtags as well as #SMW and other keywords.

There were even stop motion vine workshops for those that want to create things as creative as @YvesDas:

As well as some top quality ‘advice’ for those wanting to increase their social media engagement: