The Importance of Spontaneity in Social Media

The Importance of Spontaneity in Social Media

149822223Last week something amazing happened on Twitter. The best thing I have ever seen seen on the social network;  it was very clever, spontaneous and everyone has gone wild for it since.





It all started with a customer tweeting to @Tescomobile:


Then all of a sudden, @YorkshireTea, @JaffaCake and @CadburysUK were all meeting up for a tea party:


Things became slightly tense and the conversation led to the infamous question to @JaffaCake:


Social strategies are usually planned out right down to the last letter of a copy for a post, especially in bigger companies. Getting your fans to engage with your content is top on the list of priorities for any social media manager and consequently there are certain dos and don’ts that everyone follows. These include when you post, what you post, who the demographic is, how much you write, or even don’t write. In social a well thought out content plan is key to a successful social marketing campaign.

However, it sometimes pays not to stick to the plan.  It is the spontaneity of big companies that can get the most engagement and really draw the followers in. It is not always about well-planned strategies, sometimes it’s about going with the flow, having a sense of humour and remembering that social media is supposed to be fun as well as informative.

Wondering how it ended?


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