Real Time, Dual Screen, Sports Behaviour…

Real Time, Dual Screen, Sports Behaviour…


Real-time, dual-screen, sports behaviour, live blog – four buzz phrases that mean very little to the average lay person yet can thoroughly enhance your sport experiences. Especially, let’s say, during England’s penultimate World Cup qualifying match against Montenegro tonight.

Picture a football fan’s perfect evening – sofa is clear, curry has been ordered and is in the process of being delivered, TV is set up, you say a silent prayer that nothing will go wrong and nobody will need your help in the next ninety-minutes. What could possibly be missing? The banter?

Football being broadcasted on TV is great – especially if you’ve had a long day at work and the idea of dragging yourself down the pub just seems like a bit too much effort. But there’s something missing. Interaction – interacting with other fans, interacting with the players, the club, that feeling that you are a part of something big. Yes, you can hear the commentators yelling out your television, but when you yell back they can’t hear you – no really, they can’t.

Here are three things you need to know about why a Live Blog will just make your football focused evenings so much better!

1. You get the best of both worlds. On average 80% of us have two screens when watching sports* – watch the action on the television, get involved online. There are so many ways to participate – sending a tweet to a certain club or even reading the controversy and anger of other fans can always be entertaining.

2. Give your opinion on the live debates. The great thing about a live blog, is that it’s exactly that – live. If there has just been a disallowed goal, an unfair booking then get on the live blog and post a comment (you don’t even have to sign up) and join the other thousands of fans that are feeling your pain.

3. You don’t only get a live commentary of the game you’re watching on screen, but if any other games are going on at the same time you will get live updates on them as well.

What do you think?