Facebook Changes Promotional Guidelines

Facebook Changes Promotional Guidelines

facebook-logo_mmIt’s important to note that marketing and social media nowadays go hand-in-hand. It would be very difficult for many companies to have a successful marketing campaign and not use the likes of Twitter and Facebook to promote it. There are of course rules though, but not wanting to fall behind the track Facebook is continuing to change and modify their rules and regulations in terms of Facebook promotions.

Prior to the changes on 27th August, promotions (including competitions) could only be administered through an application on a Facebook page, now though they can be posted on Facebook timelines.

What does this mean?

Well, it makes engagement figures a lot higher for starters. A company can now do competitions merely by asking people to comment on a post or by having people message the page and can utilise likes as a voting mechanism.

What hasn’t changed?

Well, you still can’t tell people they have to share your post on their timeline in order to win (although if it’s a good enough prize people will do that for you). You definitely can’t do competitions on personal profiles still and tagging yourself in a photo in exchange for a prize is still not OK.

It’s all good though because…

Now smaller businesses have their chance to promote products, competitions and really increase their marketing strategy. I think it’s fair to say that this makes everyone a winner in this case….


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