The world’s biggest football club? Social media has the answers

The world’s biggest football club? Social media has the answers

For many years, the rather schoolground-like jibes of ‘my football club is bigger than yours’ has provided many a debate surrounding just who can be considered the pinnacle outfit competing in the sport today.

Whilst many would concede that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are in and amongst the clubs competing regularly for the top prizes – and therefore correctly categorised as the most lucrative and popular worldwide, it isn’t just competitiveness alone that can translate as meaningful in determining the world’s biggest club.

Social media can shed some light on this very fact and given that most, if not all top flight football clubs now carry an online presence, determining the number of likes and followers a club has is certainly a reputable factor when attempting to whittle down just who is the biggest club worldwide.

Every Premier League club now carries a verified Twitter account and the same can be said of Facebook with Google+ the latest social platform to be making ground in the hyperactive environment of football fandom.

To find out which clubs are amongst the 20 most popular worldwide based on their social media attendance, you can reveal the illusive list by visiting our countdown here.




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