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tom - 22nd February 2012 - 0 comments

Client: Tucone News

What they do: A news portal covering the latest goings-on in the entertainment world.

Why they came to us: Tucone News were attracted by the talents of our entertainment specialists to source and write that day’s leading entertainment news stories to strict morning deadlines.

What we did for them: Our journalists provided both UK and US-centric entertainment news stories on a daily basis on subjects including film, fashion, music, gossip, celebrities and ‘star of the week’.

What were the results? Tucone News was supplied with the latest authoritative entertainment news to keep its international readership engaged and entertained on a daily basis.

Coldplay, Beyonce and Elbow the stars from Glastonbury

As the £750,000 clean up from the festival begins in earnest and the death of David Cameron’s local Conservative party chair notwithstanding, Glastonbury 2011 provided many highlights and a few lowlights during the weekend.

Among the winners was American soul diva Beyonce, who followed her husband Jay-Z’s triumphant performance with an equally stunning and well-received show of her own.

If there was an odd juxtaposition of seeing the glitzy, bejewelled and always resplendent Beyonce playing to a crowd knee deep in mud and bedecked in a bewildering array of wellington boots, it did not affect her performance.

Her show provided many highlights for the thousands of fans gathered, although hardcore critics did feel that her set did get somewhat bogged down in the middle with ballads.

Other stars of the festival included Jessie J, who ignored doctor’s orders to rest her broken leg and completed a strong set, albeit from the comfort of a chair. Janelle Monae shone and Kool and the Gang provided an outstanding spectacle of their back catalogue that deserved more attention than it received.

Other notable performances came from Pulp, the show that an irate Kate Moss was turned away from by bouncers; Elbow, who provided a mellow soundtrack to proceedings and Coldplay, who won over critics with an intriguing set and accomplished performance. Morrissey too rolled back the years to produce an excellent and spirited show.

Other bands did not fare quite so well. U2 failed to connect with the audience, despite a set that was in essence a greatest hits collection; Bono’s proselytizing not quite ringing true with an audience who were not there to change the world but to listen to music.

Pendulum’s pulsating beats and light shows were somewhat lost due to them being essentially an afternoon warm-up for the Beyonce show; an evening slot would have suited their undeniable talent and pounding style far better.

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