Copywriting tip that Magento UK e-commerce sites cannot afford to ignore

Copywriting tip that Magento UK e-commerce sites cannot afford to ignore

Copywriting for Magento e-commerce sites in the UK is vital to a sites success – and using an e-commerce copywriter can potentially be highly profitable. Many new magento sites suffer from non-descript, stale product descriptions, just a few tweaks and an injection of creativity from a copywriter can have a markedly positive effect on sales. For a smaller e-commerce portal, this could translate into thousands of pounds of extra income per year.

There’s a misconception in the UK that copywriting is complicated – fortunately, though, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the most effective tips can be implemented quickly and easily – and there’s one in particular that could make your e-commerce site more profitable in literally hours – a call to action.

The key here is simplicity – all an effective call to action has to do is encourage the reader to take your desired course of action. There is no need for slickness or hype – the reader simply needs to be made aware that the action will either improve their life or make it easier. How often have you noticed phrases online like “Add this to your shopping basket and have it delivered tomorrow – guaranteed” or “Read this report to see how one of our customers saved 70%”? These have the potential to radically boost click-through rates.

How come such a simple tactic works so well? The reason is simple – people are, and always will be, susceptible to suggestion – despite refined contemporary marketing techniques. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly asking ourselves questions as we interpret information. By devising simple answers to these questions, e-commerce sites can simply – and easily – boost their earning potential.

When it comes to online e-commerce, it’s often the case that some of the most effective snippets of advice, tips and tools are strikingly simple. So, why not try adding some straightforward calls to action on your website’s pages? You’ll have significantly boosted profitability to look forward to.