Thanks to social media, individuals and communities have been granted more power to define and control a brand – partly at the expense of corporations and organisations. It’s another facet of the increasingly-connected business world. Are you ready for the change? At Snack Media, we use our expertise and a blend of creativity, strategy and technology to devise bespoke social media solutions that deliver measurable results. We write and manage clients’ corporate blogs, Twitter feeds and company Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Our social strategies utilise the latest social posting and listening technology, and galvenise our key influencer network to maximise the ROI for our clients. Our social media marketing experts will be happy to explain the benefits of developing a dialogue with your customers, and how you can engage with potential new ones. The possibilities are huge – by embracing social media, businesses can tap into an audience of hundreds of millions. Facebook alone boasts more than 800 million members, while almost a quarter of time spent online is done so on social networks. The benefits of social marketing

  • It drives traffic
  • It fosters trust in your brand
  • Links for SEO
  • It encourages people to talk about your brand’s products/services

The importance of Twitter Twitter has become one of the best online communications tools for businesses and individuals. With our social marketing strategies, this is what Twitter can help you achieve:

  • Attract new visitors to your site
  • Advertise your brand to a previously untapped audience
  • Provide additional visibility on search engines

The goal of our social media marketing strategies is to put your business in the position of engaging in a two-way conversation between you and your customers – which promises to deliver a very favourable return on investment. We know how to encourage and foster this conversation, with our social media writers adept at content posting, listening and monitoring. Having professional copywriters produce your social media content is the key to building both brand loyalty and trust – something we have a proven track record in, producing video, mobile, tablet apps, feeds and blogs on a daily basis. If you’d like us to assess your requirements, highlight opportunities and design a plan of action to achieve long-term social media success, don’t hesitate to get in touch.