Snack Media offers the traditional ad inventory such as leaderboards, skyscrapers and MPU positions, but also some more innovative online advertising opportunities.

Traditional Ad Spots:

Across the Snack Media network of sites the three traditional ad positions are present.

These are the leaderboard (728×90) at the top of the site and the MPU (300×250) and skyscraper (160×600) in the sidebar, which offer a standard advertising opportunity for clients.

Ad Rail:

The Ad Rail stays visible in the footer of the site and, depending on a client’s preference, can auto-open or click-to-open to reveal video content.

This allows exciting and compelling creative to be developed around a brand or product.

Goal Posts:

Also known as wallpaper, the goal posts can be combined with advertising in the traditional positions to achieve a site takeover and full exposure for a brand.

The goal posts stay visible site-wide and can achieve a very high number of impressions.

Pop Up:

Taking over the screen when a visitor lands on the site for the first time, the pop up is the most attention-grabbing of all our ad formats.

You can ensure that every visitor sees your ad and as a result can push up engagement rates for your campaign.


An increasing number of visitors to our network are browsing via their mobile, and leaderboard and MPU positions enable advertisers to target users in this medium.

Mobile advertising is ideal for brands looking to promote apps or mobile-specific products.


Achieve a high level of engagement with your audience by writing captivating copy that is highly targeted and more subtly promotes a brand.

The copy can be written in-house and range from standard editorials to galleries and top ten articles.

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