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Our UK news feed team are professional journalists who can help you capture your target audience by producing unique customised news feeds with relevant content specific to your industry and brand.

Snack Media’s News Feeds = high quality content

Streaming 100% unique, relevant industry news feeds can dramatically increase organic search traffic from new and repeat visitors to your website. This adds remarkably more power and authority to your website.

Using Snack Media publishers network, we can also provide you with a smart distribution strategy, enabling you to quickly and easily spread your news feeds across intranet, internet, social and mobile platforms, as well as RSS, email marketing and PR campaigns.

Our varied client base comprises of large corporates, search and social media agencies, sports clubs, small businesses, travel sites and many of the UK’s leading financial organisations.

A website with new and relevant content is treated positively by Google’s organic search engine rankings. And with a higher search position, it will be easier for new and current customers to find your brand online.

As one of the UK’s leading news agencies, we know that online news exposure is an important factor when considering natural search engine optimisation. By monitoring the natural search behaviour of your target audience, our insight team can prompt our newsroom on the type of news your audience wants to hear.

Our journalists can maintain a news page that is guaranteed to attract the spotlight of any audience, within almost any industry. Once your news page gains higher authority, so do your featured product showcases, case studies and market applications.

Sourcing from international news and using our local PR network, Snack Media journalists can write breaking bulletin reports, in-depth news, feature stories and even foreign language news pieces.We also receive daily press releases from major UK PR agencies.

Our journalists will only ever follow the editorial prescription of your brief. Should you wish to change your brief along the way, Snack Media will modify your content to suit your new strategy.

Snack Media’s team have pioneered creative content marketing strategies for our client’s using natural search techniques, enabling their sites to climb the search engine rankings.

Our insight team constantly monitor trends in natural search behaviour and provide our journalists with the information they need to keep abreast of changing search or social trends.

We ensure that your content will be constantly read and remembered – giving you a loyal readership.

Put a stop to external news links stealing customers

Formerly, external news links would have lured your customer to another website. Now, with self-contained news feeds, you can increase the time the average visitor spends on your site and build brand loyalty.

Your unique news page is also about making your website a point of focus within your industry. Through building a loyal readership and creating an ever louder social buzz about your content,  more sites will want to link to your news page.

Whether you require a regular video news feed, a weekly product feature or simply three 300-word news stories per day, our journalistic approach will deliver the very highest quality optimised content that will deliver the results you require.

If you would like to know more about our news feed services.
Simply give us a call +44 (0)20 7907 0962 .


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