Copywriting is at the core of Snack Media’s content marketing division. Our talented and professionally-trained journalists, copywriters and designers produce over 1,000 bespoke articles every month for some of the UK’s largest brands. We work very closely with our clients to create engaging copy and content across a wide range of media channels.

Our copywriters produce magazine and web articles on an array of topics and industries including news, sport, travel, finance, gaming, entertainment and business. Journalistically-led, we specialise in telling stories and creating clever designs that engage with your audience.

“Snack Media’s aim is to help our customers deliver the right message to the right audience using a great mix of traditional and next generation media.” Sarah Groarke,  Snack Media’s Managing Director.

Having professional copywriters produce your online content is the key to building both brand loyalty and trust. Snack Media manages content for 85 of our clients’ social media sites, producing video, mobile, tablet apps, news feeds and blogs on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find out more about our content services, please call +44 (0)20 7907 0962.

Snack Media specialises in providing our clients with the highest quality content in the UK, with services that exceed expectations and prices that meet even the most modest of budgets.

How are we different?

  1. Our content is 100 per cent unique and written by UK-based journalists
  2. We offer a quality guarantee, with a triple checking service as standard
  3. Content is written by subject specialists to client requirements
  4. Fast turnaround times
  5. Dedicated account management

Our management team is comprised of internet marketing and search professionals. Our senior executives provide content audits to help optimise your site’s content, enabling you to attain higher rankings in search engines and directories. To find out what we can do for you, simply contact us for further information.

We specialise in creating quality:

  • Marketing literature
  • Website copy
  • Daily news feeds
  • Editorials
  • E-books
  • Content distribution service
  • Copywriting for blogs
  • Sports content
  • Whitepapers
  • Copy for Magento e-commerce sites

Snack Media can also help dramatically increase your website traffic through online content distribution. We work with numerous publisher networks that can help distribute your content across various print and digital media – in turn helping you to build your brand’s positioning within the major search engines.

We devise a bespoke content marketing strategy for your business – our team of writers then works with our clients to gain a better understanding of their objectives, to decide on the best tone of voice and determine a timeframe for delivery.

By utilising a copywriting agency such as Snack Media, you’ll find it easier to initiate a conversation with the audience you wish to reach – whether that’s through online, magazines or social media.

“ have been using Snack Media for almost a year now and have always found them easy to work with, quick to understand what we are after and we’ve been very satisfied with the quality of the writing. With hundreds of experience days ranging from Supercar Driving Days to Helicopter Tours, it’s essential that our experiences are well described and easy to read. They now know our business so well that any new requirements are quickly understood and in many cases turned into great content within just a few days.” Steve Clark,’s Managing Director.

A successful UK copywriter should have one goal in mind: to create relevant, engaging content that provides a measurable return on investment for their clients. Our copywriting professionals, therefore, are not just great writers – they know the ins and outs of internal communications, marketing and client relations, too.

A professional copywriting agency will assume an all-encompassing role in a content strategy – this will usually involve a face-to-face meeting between a UK copywriter and a client, which will allow the agency to determine their customer’s requirements in detail. Our flexibility and skill set, though, allows us to join the creative process at any stage – from defining that all-important tone of voice to writing and publishing a high-priority press release to a fast turnaround time.

Whether you require a regular 500-word blog, a weekly 1000 word feature or three 300-word news stories per day, our journalistic approach will deliver the very highest quality optimised content that will deliver the results you require.If you would like to know more about these great services, simply give us a call +44 (0)20 7907 0962 .