Snack Social Summary #125

Snack Social Summary #125

Twitter tests “sensitive content” feature

Twitter has recently begun testing a feature that warns users of profiles with “potentially sensitive content”. The feature hides the images and tweets of “sensitive” accounts until users click to see. The company only explicitly bans violent live video and pornography, so this will help users avoid the less extreme, but still sensitive content.

Facebook unveils Messenger Day

In another bid to emulate the success of Snapchat Stories, Facebook has released the “Day” feature on the Messenger app. It uses the same format as Snapchat Stories, but it will be available from the home page of the Messenger app, where users can choose to share their “Day”.

Instagram releases Geostickers

Instagram has also continued its own copycat act with its new release of Geostickers. The feature is almost identical to Snapchat filters, allowing users to use a special overlay depending on their location. It’s currently being tested in New York and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Vimeo launches 360 degree video option

Vimeo has just announced a new option to upload, share, and sell 360 degree video on the platform. The video will be available to view on the Vimeo app, and will be compatible with VR headsets.