Snack Social Summary #121

Snack Social Summary #121

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has shown off the latest Facebook-owned Oculus’ research lab innovation, haptic gloves. These allow you to bring your hands into the world of virtual and augmented reality. By wearing these gloves you can draw and type on a virtual keyboard and are soon to be incorporated into VR games.

Facebook this week released a new feature with the launch of “Community Help”, an expansion of the safety check option. The feature allows friends to declare they’re safe after a disaster or offer assistance to local people and nearby friends.  Users can offer supplies, a room, clothing and water supplies to locals in need. The Community Help feature has been released in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Saudi Arabia for natural and accidental disasters. Facebook hopes to roll this out worldwide later in the year.

Twitter is constantly updating its safety settings on their platform. A new feature allows users to hide abusive tweets in search and replies. The option is currently only available on the desktop but the feature will filter out sensitive content allowing for safer search settings.

Planet Earth II will debut on the BBC in American and Canada on 18th February. To celebrate Snapchat users can view mini-episodes on the App. Segments of the TV show will be shown the day before the full episodes are released. Snapchat will be using snapcodes for users to unlock preview footage and to subscribe to more Planet Earth features.

YouTube has released a mobile live streaming feature where broadcasters with over 10K subscribers can speak to their followers live. Following your live broadcast the video will automatically be added to your playlist, where you can change the privacy settings like any other video on your channel.