Snack Social Summary #116

Snack Social Summary #116

The NFL have released that they will be testing new technology for training officials, including virtual reality simulators and POV cameras. The technology which is in development is hoped to integrate league officials, so they will be able to obtain more mental reps as they practice calling game-like situations. The NFL have gradually started to introduce virtual reality technology into the league, with them partnering with VR companies Voke and NextVR to create highlights packages for fans.

Microblogging site Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to twitter, has made a deal with the NFL to live-stream weekly games including the Super Bowl. NFL hopes that the partnership with Sina Weibo will help with fan engagement from the 1.5 million people who are currently watching NFL in China. The deal includes Sunday night football, regular season games, three playoff games and the Super Bowl.

The PGA Tour has announced that they will be streaming the PGA Tour Live to Twitter’s global audience. The free streams of the tournament coverage on Twitter will include over 70 hours of competitions across 31 tournaments, which will all be exclusive content to the platform. The PGA tour is using social media, specifically Twitter, in a bid to make golf more accessible, making the partnership perfect with prospects of increasing revenue.

KFC this week launched the Kentucky Fried Football Challenge on Instagram. With college football playoff championship games 11th January and the NFL playoffs around the corner, KFC is hoping to capture and interact with American Football fans on social media as they watch the most important matches of the season. The unique gaming experience uses Instagram’s native features in a creative and comical way that entertains fans and combines everyone’s love of American football, fried chicken and social media.

Facebook have acquired Eye Tribe, an eye-tracking technology startup to add to their portfolio. The technology and patents Eye Tribe own will help Oculus use lower battery consumption. In the future, Facebook could also look to use the technology on Facebook ads to track the viewability of ads served, which could link back to specific demographics.